All in One Meeting Format plus Readings

Uses Google Slides to view readings and guide meeting.

Includes an index slide to access different readings, all linked back to the index.

Includes secretary format sections, AA Preamble, 12 Traditions, How It Works, and Promises. 

Works best on a laptop or desktop. Can be difficult to operate in Zoom Screen Share from a Mobile Phone.

General Format

Tres Pinos Group

San Juan Men’s

Saturday Morning

To get your own copy of the format as 
a Google Slides Document. click
this link you will add a copy to your own
Google Drive Account
to edit and
rearrange as needed for your own


Agenda for December 2020 Business Meeting

Individual PDF Documents

Each document is an individual PDF, opens in a new browser tab/window.

PDF displays on screen and must be scrolled to view.

Secretary Format

AA Preamble     

12 Traditions     

How it Works   

The Promises     


Running a Zoom Meeting from Mobile Phone

If you are a secretary running a meeting from a mobile phone, there are a few ways to get your meeting materials working for your members. 

If you have another person in service who can work the screen and meeting readings from a laptop or desktop computer, you are freed up to run the meeting. This also allows that service person to help mute members who are unfamiliar with using Zoom and may have distracting noises in their area.

If you have Google Slides installed on your device, you can share screen from within Zoom and use your phone to run the meeting anyway by using the meeting slides presentation. 

If these two methods are not available or familiar, you can also screen shot parts of the meeting format to screen share during the meeting, or have individual members open them on their own devices from this page.

If you need assistance or training in running your meeting on Zoom, please use the contact page to reach out for help carrying the message.