As some of our in person meetings have been back on track, a few Zoom meetings are being taken off the schedule. In some cases attendance is low. In other cases the secretary/host has stopped maintaining the meeting.

If you attempt to attend a Zoom meeting that is not active, please let us know by using the form on the contact page. Specify the meeting day and time so we can keep our schedule up to date.

If you are the host or secretary of a meeting that you are no longer keeping going, please let us know so we can keep the schedule up to date. 

The following meetings are being removed from the schedule:

  • Monday Noon Zoom meeting
  • Friday Night Zoom meeting (closed in May).

Finally, if you need a meeting when there is not a local meeting available, you can find links to other Zoom meetings in the area on the Other Information page.

Meetings opening for in-person in San Benito County

As concerns about Corona Virus and Covid-19 symptoms seem to be easing, our in person meetings have become available again. This is good for many AA members who have missed in person meetings during three months of quarantine. We are reminded that masks and distancing are still required.

San Benito County was one of the earliest counties in California to move into Phase-2 quarantine. Meetings held at the Nash and Powell building were allowed to open in mid-May, requiring masks and social distancing. Meetings in the hall at the Church of Immaculate Conception open in person again June 7. There are no limits to attendance provided guidelines are followed.

Zoom meetings continue to be held

But what about our members who are not comfortable attending AA meetings in person? Are there still options available? In short, yes. As long as we have attendance at our Zoom meetings, they will continue to be held. At the very least, our Other Information page (linked at the bottom of the site) includes links to other area fellowships with Zoom-based meetings. 

Choose for yourself 

Why, you may ask, would members who have access to in -person meetings continue to participate on Zoom?  There are a number of reasons. For some it is simply a convenience. No childcare is required, and the commute is more favorable. And some San Benito County AA’s may not feel ready to be in larger groups at this phase of quarantine. We are not physicians, so each member must make their own choice based on their own understanding of their own health, those they are exposed to, and the information they have about community health at a given time.

The Tres Pinos Group of Alcoholics Anonymous announces that the meeting hall will reopen for meetings beginning June 7, 2020 at 7:00 pm and Wednesdays at 7:00 pm. as well.  Restrictions will be in place.  Meetings will still be available online via Zoom for those who cannot or do not feel comfortable attending in person meetings.


  1. Restrictions Mandated by Church and San Benito County:
  2. EVERYONE must wear a mask. No Mask – No Entry
  3. Maintain 6’ social distancing.
  4. Sanitize frequently touched surfaces upon leaving.

      Clean-up crew will now include a disinfecting crew.  Gloves and wipes have been provided by the church to disinfect when we leave.

          In bathrooms this will include faucet handles, flush handles, light switch and door handles.  In the main room it will include table tops, tops of chairs, benches, podium and light switches.

  1. Other restrictions for the safety of our members (Our common welfare should come first, personal recovery depends on AA unity):
  2. Bring Your Own Beverages and snacks.
  3. 7th Tradition basket circulated by the treasurer (or a group designee in his or her absence).

Meetings held at Nash & Powell have been given clearance to resume in person meetings. Social distancing of 6 feel is required, as are face masks. 

For a listing of meetings, see the schedule. Note that the schedule represents all meetings in San Benito County, but the only location currently open for live meetings is the Hollister Fellowship at Nash & Powell.