Meetings opening for in-person in San Benito County

As concerns about Corona Virus and Covid-19 symptoms seem to be easing, our in person meetings have become available again. This is good for many AA members who have missed in person meetings during three months of quarantine. We are reminded that masks and distancing are still required.

San Benito County was one of the earliest counties in California to move into Phase-2 quarantine. Meetings held at the Nash and Powell building were allowed to open in mid-May, requiring masks and social distancing. Meetings in the hall at the Church of Immaculate Conception open in person again June 7. There are no limits to attendance provided guidelines are followed.

Zoom meetings continue to be held

But what about our members who are not comfortable attending AA meetings in person? Are there still options available? In short, yes. As long as we have attendance at our Zoom meetings, they will continue to be held. At the very least, our Other Information page (linked at the bottom of the site) includes links to other area fellowships with Zoom-based meetings. 

Choose for yourself 

Why, you may ask, would members who have access to in -person meetings continue to participate on Zoom?  There are a number of reasons. For some it is simply a convenience. No childcare is required, and the commute is more favorable. And some San Benito County AA’s may not feel ready to be in larger groups at this phase of quarantine. We are not physicians, so each member must make their own choice based on their own understanding of their own health, those they are exposed to, and the information they have about community health at a given time.

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